On This Day in UB History

In 2017, the United Brethren denomination is celebrating its 250th anniversary. As part of that, we are recognizing people and events from throughout our history. Throughout 2017, brief articles about something from our history that occurred on that day are being posted on UBCentral and Facebook.

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January 3, 1901: Birth of former bishop Clyde W. Meadows.

January 7, 1955: Dedication of Centennial High School in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone.

January 8, 2011: Death of Rita Wild Koroma, a missionary teacher in Sierra Leone 1954-1962.

January 11, 1988: The English Language Program begins in Macau.

January 12, 2010: A monster earthquake strikes Haiti.

January 14, 1983: A letter is published saying merger talks between the UB church and two other denomination have broken down.

January 15, 1957: Nancy Hull N’Gele begins the first of three terms as a missionary in Sierra Leone.

January 16, 1996: Dedication of our first church building in Thailand.

January 17, 1982: First service of Immanuel UB church in Carlisle, Pa.

January 20, 1984: Conclusion of a five-day Church Leaders Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, led by John Maxwell.

January 20, 1890: Birth of Dr. George Fleming, future UB pastor, missionary, and head of our denominational missions program.

January 28, 1952: Bumpe Bible Institute opens in Sierra Leone to train ministers.

January 29, 1989: Denny Miller preaches his first sermon as pastor of Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

January 30, 1995: Rebels capture the town of Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone.


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February 1, 1749 and 1938: Birth of future bishops Christian Newcomer and Ray Seilhamer.

February 4, 1950: Death of Rev. Eli Griffin, bishop 1925-1929.

February 5, 2001: Funeral service for Bernadine Hoffman, 39-year missionary in Sierra Leone.

February 6, 1741: Birth of George Geeting, early leader of the UB church.

February 8, 1935: Death of Fermin Hoskins, bishop for 28 years, 1905-1933.

February 13, 1975: Beginning of 1975 Jamaica Conference which elected Lloyd Spencer as superintendent.

February 15, 2002: Death of George Weaver, bishop 1969-1977.

February 18, 1964: Clyde Meadows lands in Senegal on way to become first bishop to conduct Sierra Leone Annual Conference.

February 20, 1865: Future bishop Henry Becker joins the Ohio 188th Infanty in the Civil War.

February 22, 1837: Death of Peter Whitezel, a United Brethren minister.

February 23, 1824: Birth of Jonathan Weaver, bishop 1865-1893.

February 24, 1918. Birth of Helen Villanueva, UB leader in Honduras.

February 25, 1746. William Otterbein chosen as a missionary to America.

February 26, 1855. Three UB ministers arrive in Sierra Leone to “spy out the land” for future mission work.


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March 1, 1871. Missionaries Joseph and Mary Gomer arrive in Sierra Leone.

March 2, 1891. Birth of future bishop Lloyd Eby.

March 3, 1781. Birth of Bishop Samuel Heistand.

March 4, 1970. Guillermo Martinez expelled from Honduras to Nicaragua.

March 7, 1992. Armed break-in at UB mission house in Sierra Leone.

March 8, 1993. The death of Hazel McCray, Executive Secretary of Women’s Missionary Fellowship.

March 9, 1841. Supreme Court ruling in the Amistad case, which helped take us to Sierra Leone.

March 11, 1916. The story of Abbie Swales, missionary in Sierra Leone 1916-1941, and the African man she wouldn’t give up on.

March 12, 1830. The death of Bishop Christian Newcomer in 1830.

March 13, 1864. The death, while serving as a physician during the Civil War, of William B. Witte, one of the first two UB missionaries in Sierra Leone.

March 16, 1904. The birth of Robert Rash, who spent his entire career in the United Brethren ministry, including eight years as bishop.

March 18, 1799. The birth of John Russel, one of our early bishops, 1845-1849 and 1857-1861.

March 19, 1991. The death of Duane Reahm, who led our missions program for 16 years as served as bishop for 12 years.