National conference. 10 Churches

Brian Magnus

Brian Magnus, bishop of the UB Church in Canada

In 1826, Bishop Christian Newcomer crossed into Canada at Fort Erie (across from Buffalo, N.Y.) to preach, and a year later some small churches were organized. They were neglected and eventually disbanded. However, another Ontario minister named John Cornell liked what he heard about the UB church, and proposed a connection with them. Soon, a UB minister named Israel Sloane was in the pulpit at Cornell’s church in Sheffield.

Meanwhile, Rev. Charles Price came to the Niagara area in April 1855 and started a number of preaching points. Other ministers from the USA came and started churches. And in April 1956, Bishop J. J. Glossbrenner officially organized the Canada West Mission District. It then consisted of 7 organized churches, and 152 members.

Today we have about 11 churches in Canada, all located in Ontario Province. The Canadian national conference is called the United Brethren Church in Canada. The US and Canadian conferences use a joint ministry agreement to work together through Global Ministries.

The Canadian churches have taken a strong interest in Haiti since the Haitian churches affiliated with us in 2000. Canada’s missions team now provides primary oversight for our ministry in Haiti, and UB people from Canada regularly travel to Haiti.

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