The business meeting will begin at 7:30 am on Thursday morning with a breakfast for delegates and advisory members.

Delegates will be seated at 8:30, and business will begin at 8:45.


Bishop Todd Fetters will chair the business session. Only voting delegates and advisory personnel may sit in the main area (the “bar,” as it’s called). But there will be additional seating for anyone wanting to watch the proceedings.


Delegates will hear reports from the various denominational officials, and from other invited guests.

In late May, all reports will be posted on the Reports page in PDF format, so delegates can download them and print them out.


Various items of business will be dealt with, including some proposals for revising the Discipline and proposals from the Task Force on Human Sexuality. Some ministerial licenses will also be presented.


The delegates will elect a bishop to serve 2017-2021, plus four members of the Executive Leadership Team.