Workshops: Friday 9:00 – 9:45

Christian Newcomer: The St. Paul of the United Brethren in Christ

Bob Bruce
Associate Pastor of Spiritual Care
Emmanuel Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Instructor for the UB History Course

The life of our third bishop who traveled over 250,000 miles on horseback and is responsible for greatly expanding the the UB Church.

Founders Room

Martin Boehm: Pioneering Leader for Unity

Dr. Anthony Blair
President of Evangelical Seminary
Myerstown, Pa.
Ordained UB minister

The story of our “forgotten founder,” Martin Boehm—a powerful symbol of the UB heritage of working across denominational lines for the Kingdom of God.

State Room

Human Sexuality Task Force: The Talk

Led by members of the Task Force on Human Sexuality

An open discussion about issues related to the proposals from the Task Force on Human Sexuality.

Commonwealth 3

Creating a Culture of Financial Health and Generosity in Your Home and Church

Brian Kluth
National Director for NAE/UB
Financial Health for All partnership

Discover ten ways God provides when the paycheck or budget isn’t always big enough, and five ways every church can create a culture of joyful generosity.

Commonwealth 4

Reigniting Passion For Prayer: A Simple Individual and Corporate Model

 Michelle Harris and Frank Y
Associate directors of Global Ministries
Former missionaries

A scripture-based model of prayer that can rekindle your personal prayer life and help groups pray together.

Heritage A

Introducing People to Jesus Using Nothing More Than a Bible

 Jeff Bleijerveld
Director of Global Ministries
David Kline
Associate Director of Global Ministries

The Discovery Bible Study method, through which a simple invitation to read the Bible together can be used to evangelize and make disciple.

Heritage B

Embracing and Engaging your Community through your Church Body

Mark Wilson
Senior Pastor, Fowlerville UB church
Fowlerville, Mich.

How to engage your congregation in actively loving, serving, and connecting with your community.

Federal Room

Seeking Refuge, Finding Hope: The Response of One Church to the Refugee Crisis

Alan MacDonald
Pastor of Global Engagement, Fairfax Community Church (Fairfax, Va.)
Former UB endorsed missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators

Understanding the refugee crisis, and responding as a church to the refugees in our midst.

Independence Room

Instilling Mission into Your Community

Andy Sikora
Founding pastor of ReNew Communities
Berea, Ohio

Instilling a missional focus in your church’s groups and programs to connect with the community and reach persons far from God.

Heritage D

For Ministry Wives

Lisa Fetters
United Brethren ministry wife for 29 years

This panel discussion, featuring women with broad ministry backgrounds, will focus on questions about our own relationship with Christ, developing meaningful relationships, and impacting our world.

Heritage E

Huntington University Admissions

Representatives from the Admissions department.

Exhibit Hall

Women Only: Health, Healing and Wholeness

Nancy Allison
Retreat speaker and women’s mentor
Chambersburg, Pa.

The importance of honoring your body, mind and spirit (faith) through health, healing, and wholeness.

Heritage C

Retiree Breakfast

Commonwealth 2