Workshops: Friday 10:00 – 10:45

Christian Newcomer: The St. Paul of the United Brethren in Christ

Bob Bruce
Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Community Church
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Instructor for the UB History Course

The life of our third bishop who traveled over 250,000 miles on horseback and is responsible for greatly expanding the the UB Church.

Complete description.

Founders Room

Philip William Otterbein: From Germany to American Church Leader

Dr. Daryl Elliott
Senior pastor, Fountain UB Church
Keyser, W. Va.
UB History Course instructor

The life of William Otterbein, the founding of the United Brethren movement, and his continuing impact on our church’s life and thought.

State Room

Human Sexuality Task Force: The Talk

Led by members of the Task Force on Human Sexuality

An open discussion about issues related to the proposals from the Task Force on Human Sexuality.

Commonwealth 3

Creating a Culture of Financial Health and Generosity in Your Home and Church

Brian Kluth
National Director for NAE/UB
Financial Health for All partnership

Discover ten ways God provides when the paycheck or budget isn’t always big enough, and five ways every church can create a culture of joyful generosity.

Commonwealth 4

Uncovering a Missing Potential of the Church: Unleashing Business as Mission

Frank Y
Associate director of Global Ministries
Huntington, Ind.

What would happen if our churches empowered those in the marketplace to fully serve and worship through their work? How would that transform our neighborhoods and the nations?

Heritage A

When Helping Hurts

David Kline
Associate Director of Global Ministries
Huntington, Ind.

Mission trips can have negative unintended consequences on the churches and communities we go to serve. This workshop examines best practices in forming healthy relationships with brothers and sisters around the world.

Heritage B

No Other Doctrine: Teaching and Applying the Word of God Clearly

Dennis Miller
Senior pastor, Emmanuel Community Church
Fort Wayne, Indiana

William Otterbein once said, “…be careful, and to preach no other doctrine than what is plainly laid down in the Bible.” For many in modern America, the teaching from the pulpit or classroom has become a discussion of topics or personal agendas. This workshop focuses on the effective preparation and presentation of God’s Word.

Federal Room

Controversial Issues throughout United Brethren History

Steve Dennie
UB Communications Director
Author, All for Christ
Huntington, Ind.

Alcohol, women in ministry, slavery, war, freemasonry, music–these are some of the issues UBs have argued about over the years. We’ll survey these and other debates we’ve had among ourselves.

Independence Room

Strategic Evangelism: An Investment in a Soul

Dr. Dalton Jenkins
Senior pastor, Bethany Temple of Praise
Yonkers, New York

How can you truly and radically live out the mission of the church in your daily life while staying true to Scripture? This involves looking at three Cs–the community where the mission is carried out, the congregation where training is done, and the core (people) who are doing the work.

Heritage D

Daring to Lead as Discipleship

Dr. Sherilyn Emberton
President of Huntington University
Huntington, Ind.

In our role as leaders in our churches, businesses, and homes, we face many challenges in developing faith-filled followers. This workshop looks at ways to free up space for mentoring, and what mentoring involves.

Heritage E

Huntington University Admissions

Representatives from the Admissions department.

Exhibit Hall

For Women Only: The Many Faces of Hospitality

Kathy Bruce, moderator
Emmanuel Community Church
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Ideas and resources to practice biblical hospitality, whether to the new family in the church, international students at the local college, or others in need of welcome in your community.

Heritage C