Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is the highest governing body between sessions of the US National Conference. The ELT meets twice a year.

The US National Conference elects eight of the members, including one layperson and one minister from each of the four geographic regions. They are elected to four-year terms, but the terms are staggered, so that the terms of half of the members expire every two years.

The bishop then nominates, and the ELT appoints, four members at large–again, one from each region, with two ministers and two laypersons. These persons are appointed to two-year terms. The appointee is the third person listed with each region on the left.

View the chapter in the Discipline about the Executive Leadership Team.

Todd Fetters
Bishop of the US National Conference
Chairman, ELT

East Region

Dennis Sites
Senior Pastor / Jerusalem Chapel
Churchville, Va.
Term ends: 2021

Sherwood Cook
Retired construction administrator
Mount Pleasant Church
Chambersburg, Pa.
Term ends: 2019

Janis Creason
Layperson / County Treasurer
Devonshire Church
Harrisburg, Pa.
Term ends: 2019

Central Region

Greg Voight
Senior Pastor / Lancaster UB Church
Lancaster, Ohio
Term ends: 2019

Tyler Bates
Bethel UB Church
Elmore, Ohio
Term ends: 2021

Andy Sikora
Senior Pastor / Renew Communities
Berea, Ohio
Term ends: 2019

North Region

Randy Carpenter
Senior Pastor / Sunfield UB Church
Sunfield, Mich.
Term ends: 2019

Matt McConnell
Banner of Christ UB Church
Byron Center, Mich.
Term ends: 2021

Mark Wilson
Senior Pastor / Fowlerville UB Church
Fowlerville, Mich.
Term ends: 2019

West Region

Gary Dilley
Senior Pastor / College Park Church
Huntington, Ind.
Term ends: 2021

Kevin Smith
National Sales Manager, Romar MEC/FIT Up Gear
Zanesville UB church
Zanesville, Ind.
Term ends: 2019

Tomi Cardin
Director of Redemption House Ministries
Anchor Community Church
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Term ends: 2019

Advisory Members (National Directors)

Jeff Bleijerveld

Jeff Bleijerveld
Director of Global Ministries

Steve Dennie
Director of Communications

Marci Hammel
Director of Finance

Mike Dittman
Director of National Ministries

Dr. Sherilyn Emberton

Dr. Sherilyn Emberton
President of Huntington University
Director of Higher Education

Jim Bolich

Jim Bolich
Director of Ministerial Licensing
Senior pastor, Prince Street UB Church (Shippensburg, Pa.)

View the chapter in the Discipline about the Executive Leadership Team.