Life in the Center Lane

This color brochure, written by Bishop Emeritus C. Ray Miller, begins, “A great strength of the United Brethren in Christ denomination is that we are flexible in how we operate and in what we believe. Some people may argue that we’re wishy-washy and weak, afraid to take a strong stand one way or the other on various issues. But I disagree.”

He then discusses the merits of not taking dogmatic stands on issues which are not clearly spelled out in the Bible, like mode of baptism, End Times scenarios, worship styles, and church structure. “Where the Bible allows room for differing views, we prefer to allow room,” Dr. Miller writes.

“Life in the Center Lane” is also included on this website and in the UB Booklet.

Size: 7.5-by-8.5 inches

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Life in the Center Lane

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