What are We Like
at the Core?

This color brochure describes “7 Values We Hold Dearly.” It is an excellent tool to give to visitors and others who want to know what the UB church is like. The United Brethren Confession of Faith is also printed in the brochure.

The Core Values are held in common by all United Brethren churches around the world.

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

The Seven Values are:

  1. We Adhere to the Confession of Faith.
  2. We Respect Unity Amidst Diversity.
  3. We Seek the Lost.
  4. We Preserve Our Christian Witness.
  5. We Protect the Family.
  6. We Esteem Each Other.
  7. We Link with the Larger Church.

Volume Discounts

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500-999: 8 cents each
Over 1000: 7 cents each

Core Beliefs Brochure


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