Seven Good Things
about the UB Church

This color brochure describes “7 Good Things About the United Brethren Church.” Use it with people who want to know what the UB church is like. The brochures touches on history, doctrines, values, mindset, and other areas.

Size: 8.5-by-11 inches

The Seven “Good Things” are:

  1. We began during an exciting period of American religious history.
  2. We won’t budge from the basic doctrines.
  3. We try hard not to get hung up on gray issues.
  4. We know that the worldwide Body of Christ is bigger than us.
  5. We uphold the family.
  6. We believe it’s vital to win people to Christ.
  7. We are a denomination.

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Brochure explaining 7 Good Things About the United Brethren Church


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