2019 Business Session

The Business session will be held Thursday morning, July 18.


Every UB church can send at least one layperson as a voting delegate, and most actively-serving UB ministers also have vorting status. The requirements are spelled out in ¶503 of the UB Discipline.

Lay Delegates. The formula is based on average attendance in 2018: one lay delegate for the first 150 persons, and an additional delegate for each 100 persons after that.

Clergy Delegates. Ministers are eligible if they hold a Specialized Minister or National Conference license, and are employed by a United Brethren church in the US National Conference. That covers most ministers. A few other requirements are spelled out in ¶503.1.

Business Session Schedule

7:30 a.m.

The business meeting will begin  at 7:30 am on Thursday morning with a breakfast for delegates and advisory members. This is ONLY for official delegates, not for spouses or others. The delegate nametag will serve as the ticket.

8:30 a.m.

Delegates will be seated at 8:30 at tables with the bar of the conference. There will be seating outside the bar for observers. The business session is open to anyone to attend. After delegates are seated, the business session will begin. Bishop Todd Fetters will preside.


Delegates will hear  reports from the various denominational officials, and from other invited guests. All reports will be posted here when available–to be read online, or to be downloaded in PDF format so delegates and others can print them out.


The delegates will elect four members of the Executive Leadership Team.

Submitting Proposals

United Brethren constituents are invited to submit proposals for consideration by the US National Conference. The deadline is March 1, 2019. Complete details were publicized in November 2018.

A proposal needs to come from a group or official entity — not from an individual. Examples: a local church board, cluster group, a denominational leadership team or study committee, etc.

The Bishop’s Office and the Executive Leadership Team are responsible for processing and approving proposals for presentation to the conference.

Complete information for submitting proposals can be found here.

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