Families in ministry can face high levels of discouragement, isolation, and ineffectiveness. The Barnabas Project, a new United Brethren initiative, is designed to address these issues and empower all servant leaders who are receptive to become their best in Christ.

Within the United Brethren Church are persons who sense a calling to come alongside our ministerial families with encouragement and coaching. The Barnabas Project mobilizes leaders who deeply desire to encourage others to hear and follow God’s voice.

We are looking for:

  1. Leaders who would like to become a Barnabas Project Coach.
  2. Leaders open to receiving encouragement and coaching in their own lives.
  3. All who will commit to praying for the Barnabas Project and its participants.

You can respond on this form (also at the bottom of this page).

“Joseph was called Barnabas, meaning ‘Son of Encouragement.’” – Acts 4:36

What is a Coach?

Over the last decade or so, we’ve trained coaches to come alongside church planters, pastors, and servant leaders. But we’re talking about more.

Often, those who coach desire to be coached. This is why our logo shows a circle of three. We pray that many trained as coaches will also covet a coach in their own lives.

We don’t expect you to be a Seasoned Sage with all of life’s answers in your back pocket. Nor do you need to be a megachurch pastor. Ohio State’s Urban Meyer never ever played football in a Power Five Conference, but many people (outside of Michigan) will say, “Man, can that guy coach!”

What we’re looking for is the heart and courage of Barnabas, who came alongside the young renegade Saul, and journeyed with him to hear God’s Voice and live out their shared calling.

As a Barnabas Coach, you will be trained to become a better if not an excellent listener, to ask great and leading questions, and to help servant leaders hear God lead and speak. The heart and soul of a Barnabas is a simple love which comes alongside others with discernment and tools to help them grow.

Nor do you need to be a pastor or professional. Non-professionals can be uniquely effective. However, our hope is that a youth leader would be coached by a youth leader, a children’s director by a children’s director, etc.

“You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be.” — Andy Stanley

The Experiences of Others….

“In all honesty, I don’t know where I’d be if it hadn’t been for this coaching. I can’t thank you enough for being available to coach during these times.”
– A UB pastor/cluster leader

“It is amazing when things I’ve been mulling over for six months come to clarity in our coaching times! I am now taking measures to multiply coaching dynamics with key leaders in our local church.”
– A church planter

“Thanks so much for our coaching. It truly brings about discernment and encouragement.”
– A church planter

“Thanks so much for our coaching times. My elders recently said: ‘Hey, we’ve really noticed a difference since you’ve begun this coaching. Keep it up!’…and I couldn’t agree more.”
– A pastor/cluster leader/church planter

Heading the Barnabas Project

Dan Kopp has logged over 2,000 hours in personal coaching of pastors, church planters, and leaders over the last two decades. He is currently the Director of Mentor Training for Marketplace Development Enterprises, an international missions organization. Formerly on staff with Youth for Christ, Dan and Jane spent over 30 years in church planting, and live with their children and grandchildren in Columbus, Ohio.

I Want to Participate in the Barnabas Project

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