Trials and Triumphs

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Trials and Triumphs

Edited by Dr. Paul R. Fetters

Trials and Triumphs tells the history of the United Brethren church from 1752 to 1981. The book was edited by Dr. Paul R. Fetters, then Dean of the Huntington College Graduate School of Christian Ministries. Five persons wrote sections of the book, taking a period of the church’s history. No other book provides such a comprehensive history of the United Brethren in Christ denomination.

464 pages, hardback

Table of Contents

Part I: The Beginnings (1752-1800)
by Paul A. Graham
1. The Young Missionaries Arrive in America
2. Pietism
3. The Great Awakening on the Frontier
4. Religious Life Among Germans in Colonial America
5. Spiritual Life in the Colonies
6. Martin Boehm
7. George Adam Geeting
8. Philip William Otterbein

Part II: The Church Takes a Name (1800-1841)
by Raymond Waldfogel
9. Characteristics of the Early United Brethren
10. The First Annual Conference
11. A Decade of Development
12. Beginning of the Church in Ohio
13. Loss of Early Leadership
14. Development of a Confession of Faith and a Discipline
15. Church Concerns: 1815-1837
16. Christian Newcomer
17. The Constitution

Part III: The Best and the Worst of Times (1841-1889)
by Mary Lou Funk
18. The Ministry
19. Women in the Church
20. United Brethren Meetings
21. Institutions of the Church
22. Unpopular Positions on Moral Issues
23. Discord and Division<

Part IV: The Trials and Triumphs (1889-1929)
by Harold R. Cherry
24. A Survey of Conditions
25. Litigation
26. Foreign Mission Work Begins Again
27. Our Publishing Work: Troubles and Triumphs
28. College Institutions
29. The Rise of Christian Education Work
30. The Otterbein Forward Movement
31. An Overview of the Period: 1889-1929.

Part V: The Challenges (1929-1981)
by Melvin I. Burkholder
32. Context and Culture
33. Thought and Theology
34. Policy and Procedure
35. Outreach and Organization
36. Ministry and Ministers
37. Concluding Comments


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