US National Conference

The highest governing body for the United States churches is the US National Conference. It meets once every two years (the odd-numbered years).

The voting delegates include actively-serving ministers and at least one layperson from every church (more, depending on the church’s size).

View the chapter in the Discipline about the National Conference.

The National Conference is held over a period of several days during the summer.

  • It’s a family event, open to anybody, whether or not they are delegates.
  • One day is set aside for business.
  • The rest of the time involves workshops, energetic evening services, social events, and free time.
  • We’ve had over 900 people at these conferences.

Among other things, the National Conference:

  • Elects a bishop every four years.
  • Elects members of the Executive Leadership Team every two years; the ELT handles business between sessions of the National Conference.
  • Has authority to revise the Discipline (with a majority vote).
  • Has the authority to approve changes to the Constitution (after a referenda).
  • Hears reports from the bishop and various directors.
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