The National Conference Covenant

The National Office keeps on file a document we call the National Conference Covenant. The covenant is signed by three persons in leadership at the time the covenant was submitted: the bishop,  the church’s senior pastor, and the church’s board chairperson. For most UB churches, the covenant was submitted in 2015. (Prior to that, churches were required to submit a new signed covenant every two years.)

In signing the covenant, United Brethren congregations affirm these four points:

  1. They are committed to the Confession of Faith and the Core Values of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ International.
  2. They agree to abide by the Constitution and Discipline of the US National Conference.
  3. They will prioritize our assets, energies, and ministries toward fulfilling the Great Commission.
  4. They will support the broader ministry and mission of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, USA, through prayer, promotion of its interests, and the annual partnership fee.

The church’s highest governing body must approve signing the covenant, and it needs to be signed by the senior pastor and the chairperson of the board. The covenant is then forwarded to the bishop, who signs it on behalf of the US National Conference. The document is kept on file as a record of the church’s commitments. We ask churches, just among themselves, to review and reaffirm the National Conference Covenant every year as a reminder of the commitments they have made. (There is no need to submit a new copy of the covenant.)

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