Every senior pastor must participate in a cluster. A cluster consists of senior pastors from 5-10 churches who meet at least 6 times a year for training, fellowship, and accountability. The cluster is the entity to which the congregations and pastors are primarily accountable.

For Senior Pastors

Only senior pastors must attend cluster meetings. Staffpersons may attend cluster meetings, but it’s not required. For staffpersons, we offer leadership meetings every two years (or every year for youth workers).

You can view all of the individual clusters and members on the Cluster Groups page.

Frequency of Meetings

Clusters must meet at least six times per year. The typical schedule is September, October and November, take a break for the holidays, and resume February, March, and April.

If your church or pastor is not yet part of a cluster and you would like some direction, please contact the bishop’s office.

The Connections chapter in the Discipline which talks about clusters.

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