Pastoral Ministry Handbook

The Pastoral Ministry Handbook outlines policies, requirements, and procedures related to the various categories of United Brethren ministers.


1. Introduction

Categories of Ministers

2. UB Ministerial Association
3. Lay Ministers
4. Local Church Ministers
5. Provisional Ministers
6. Specialized Ministers
7. National Conference Ministers
8. Ordained Elders
9. Ordained Chaplains
10. Questions Asked of Candidates for Ordination

Stationing of Ministers

11. Assigning Ministers
12. Exemption from Assignment

Other Information

13. Status of Ministerial Credentials
14. Educational Requirements
15. Official Doctrinal Positions
16. Restoration of Ministers
17. Sabbatical Guidelines
18. Ten Principles to Assist and Encourage Your Pastor’s Wife

The Pastoral Ministry Handbook is the responsibility of the the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team. They can make revisions at any time.

The entire Pastoral Ministry Handbook can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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