The US National Conference is the highest governing body for United Brethren churches in the United States. It meets every two years. The next US National Conference will be held:

July 17-20, 2019

Bowling Green University
Bowling Green, Ohio

Information will come out during the fall of 2018.

Previous National Conferences

2017: Lancaster, Pa.
2015: Grand Rapids, Mich.
2013: Fort Wayne, Ind.
2011: Huron, Ohio
2009: Huron, Ohio
2007: Huron, Ohio
2005: Huntington, Ind.

These two websites
contain a lot of
information about
Bowling Green.

Tentative Schedule

This is a very basic schedule for now. Other events will be added as we go along (for youth, women, and more).

wdt_ID Time Activity

Wednesday (July 17)

3 2:00 Registration
4 6:30 Opening Session
Speaker: Daniel Henderson
7 8:30 Reception

Thursday (July 18)

11 7:30 Breakfast for delegates and advisory members.
14 8:30 - Noon Business Session. Seat delegates at 8:30.
The business session is open to everyone.
Delegates will sit at tables within the bar of the conference.
21 Childcare
22 Noon - 6:30 Lunch and afternoon on your own
24 6:30 - 8:30 Evening Session.
Speaker Daniel Henderson
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