Videos from the 2021 National Conference

Four Main Services

Keynote services were held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, with a concluding service on Saturday morning. You can view the entire service, or just the keynote message.


July 14, 2021

Watch the entire service
(106 minutes)

Watch the message from Mike Dittman
(38 minutes)


July 15, 2021

Watch the entire service
(101 minutes)

Watch the message from Frank Yang
(43 minutes)


July 16, 2021

Watch the entire service
(94 minutes)

Watch the message from Dr. Sherilyn Emberton
(49 minutes)


July 17, 2021

Watch the entire service
(126 minutes)

Watch the message from Bishop Todd Fetters
(42 minutes)


On Friday morning, delegates chose from about 30 different workshops divided into three 45-minute time slots. Twelve workshops were recorded ahead of time for the benefit of persons attending virtually. Those workshops can now be viewed by anyone.

Trends in Missions in the 21st Century

The world is changing rapidly, and so is the way we do missions. Learn about trends in modern missions–discipleship tools, lessons learned, and things to be wary of as we participate in 21st century missions. View on Vimeo (44 minutes).

Presenter: Frank Yang, executive director of UB Global

Stories of UB People Amidst the Civil War

Meet fascinating UBs who served in the Union Army–Medal of Honor winners, ministers in uniform, POWs, UB officers in black regiments, surviving the war but dying with Custer, and more. View on Vimeo (43 minutes).

Presenter: Steve Dennie, former UB Communications Director and author of Against the Blighting Curse, a book about the UB church during the Civil War years.

Raising Disciples in Your Own Home

Practical tools for discipling those who sit around our dinner tables and ride in our minivans, and methods for teaching our children what the Bible says, and ways to help them apply it to their daily lives. View on Vimeo (58 minutes).

Presenter: Christy Cabe, author/speaker from Emmanuel UB church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

How the Pietists Made Disciples

And why it matters more now than ever. Pietism was a movement 300 years ago from which most evangelicals are spiritually descended. They had some wisdom that would be good for us to reconnect with, particularly about how we are formed into the image of Christ. View on Vimeo (45 minutes).

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Blair, a UB ordained minister who is president of Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, Pa.

Discipling Women and Teen Girls

How can we invest in others when our schedules are full or we’re unsure what discipleship should look like? Learn practical tools for weaving discipleship into life, for encouraging discipleship among the next generation of women, and for helping women learn to love God’s Word and live it out in their everyday lives. View on Vimeo (26 minutes).

Presenter: Sara Ward, from Emmanuel UB church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Disciple-Making and Student Ministry

Every church is responsible for raising up disciple-makers from among the next generation. This workshop examines three current challenges to doing so, and identifies four invitations from Jesus that enable every congregation to meet and exceed those challenges. View on Vimeo (32 minutes).

Presenter: Brian Kramer, pastor of Middle School Ministries at Emmanuel UB church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

The Best UB Missionaries Ever

African-Americans Joseph and Mary Gomer were arguably the most effective missionaries ever produced by the United Brethren in Christ. Under their leadership in the late 1800s, the UB mission in Sierra Leone went from the brink of closure to stability and growth. Learn their fascinating stories. View on Vimeo (41 minutes).

Presenter: David Datema, a UB ordained minister and former missionary kid in Sierra Leone who is now a UB endorsed missionary with Frontier Ventures

The Gospel as the Foundation for Racial Reconciliation

An immigrant from Jamaica tells his story of learning about racial injustice and inequality in the USA. He discusses racial reconciliation, the experience of the black church in America, systemic injustice, and other issues. View on Vimeo (37 minutes).

Presenter: Dalton Jenkins, pastor of Bethel Temple of Praise, a UB church in Yonkers, New York

Worship Discipleship: Becoming What God is Seeking

With decades of experience in larger churches, two worship pastors discuss issues related to discipling worship teams and worship leaders, and share stories and specific applications for any size of church. View on Vimeo (47 minutes).

Presenters: Sam Ward, pastor of Worship at Emmanuel UB church; and Jay LeBlanc, a professor at Huntington University and worship leader at Emmanuel

The Huddle Model for Discipleship

Explore the Huddle model for discipleship used at Renew Communities, a new UB church in Berea. It revolves around two major questions: “What is God telling you?”, and, “What are you doing about it?” View on Vimeo (26 minutes).

Presenter: Curtis Carnes, pastor of Missional Discipleship at Renew Communities

Discipling Parents in a Busy World

How churches can help parents grow confidence in their role of discipling their own children. Learn tools and principles for introducing your kids to a growing relationship with Jesus. View on Vimeo (29 minutes).

Presenter: Christine Augustat, an ordained UB minister who is Family Life Pastor at Fowlerville UB church in Fowlerville, Mich.

The Kairos Church Missions Curriculum

Looking for a way to train your congregation in missions and apply it to their lives? The Kairos course helps churches of all sizes train their people in missions. For several decades, the Kairos course has been impacting hundreds of thousands of Christians on six continents. View on Vimeo (47 minutes)

Presenter: Colleen Di Raddo of Simply Mobilizing Int’l

Other Videos

In Memoriam 2019-2021

A slideshow of UB ministers and missionaries who passed away during the two years between the 2019 and 2021 national conferences. View on Vimeo (3:42).


The Thursday morning business session concluded with a one-hour training session on 3Story, a simple model for engaging people in disciple-making relationships. It was led by Roger Vezeau and Brian Biedenbach, United Brethren ministers who now work for Youth For Christ USA. View on Vimeo (60 minutes).

Worship and Theme Song

“You Keep Coming After Me,” the theme song for the conference, was sung in each of the services at the Grand Wayne Center. In this video, Bishop Todd Fetters talks to Sam Ward, pastor of worship at Emmanuel. Sam introduces his fellow worship leaders, Jessi Hott and Jay LeBlanc, and talks about how “You Keep Coming After Me” relates to the theme of “Make Disciples.” Then comes a video of the team performing the song. View on Vimeo (8:34)

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