US National Office

The national office of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, USA, is located in Huntington, Ind. Our main focus is serving our member churches. That’s where the real work of our denomination happens. Without those churches, we have no reason to exist.

Our mission is: “to effectively resource pastors and congregations of the US National Conference to fulfill the Great Commission.”

We do whatever we can to help our churches flourish.

  • Provide expertise and resources to churches.
  • Train, encourage, and support our pastors.
  • Oversee a variety of cooperative ministries, such as our missions work, the pension program for ministers, and others.
  • Facilitate a sense of connectedness among our churches.

The National Office handles all cooperative ministries of the US National Conference. Here are some of the services under that umbrella.

Directions to the National Office

The United Brethren National Office is located on the north side of Huntington, Ind., right next to Huntington University.

Coming from US 24, there’s a stoplight at an intersection with an Arby’s and Autozone on two of the corners. That is Guilford Street. Go south, past the Autozone. The National Office building will be on the left at the corner of Guilford and Lake.

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The National Office has been located in Huntington, Ind., since 1897, when the office moved from Dayton, Ohio. Huntington University (initially called Central College) was built the same year.

The National Office occupies its own building on the north side of Huntington, right next to Huntington University. The HU Graduate School shares offices in the same building.

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