Becoming a UB Member

Some United Brethren churches stress membership, others don’t. It’s not something we fuss about denominationally. We let churches decide if membership is meaningful in their context. We’re more interested in making disciples than in making members.

Levels of Membership

We have two levels of membership.

  1. Adult membership for ages 16+.
  2. Student membership for ages 9-15.

A conversion experience is required for both levels of  membership.

Becoming an Adult Member

Typically, a person becomes a member by going to the front of the church on a Sunday morning and responding to a series of questions from the pastor. Other churches use a membership class or some other vehicle. Here are the questions which need to be answered.

  1. Do you believe the Bible to be the Word of God and that therein only is revealed the knowledge of the way of salvation?
  2. Have you asked God to forgive your sins, and do you now believe that he accepts you as his child?
  3. Are you determined by the grace of God to follow Christ, renouncing the world and all ungodliness and seeking to live a life of holiness and devotion to God and his cause?
  4. Are you willing to be governed by our church Discipline, and are you willing to be placed under the authority of the local church?
  5. Are you willing to give of your time, talent, and means to the support of the various interests of this church according to your ability?
  6. Have you received water baptism? If not, are you willing to be baptized at your earliest convenience?

To become a member, a person must say “Yes” to all of these questions (or to at least one of the questions in number 6). If someone was baptized in a non-United Brethren church, we don’t require that they be re-baptized to join with us.

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