Categories of Ministers

We have various categories of ministers, based on the licenses we issue.

Lay Minister’s License

These are laypersons who don’t intend to become “professional” ministers. They work under the direction of the local church.

National Conference Licenses

We offer three licenses for persons whose call to ministry has been affirmed by the National Conference, but who are not yet ordained. At this level, ministers come under the authority of the denominational Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team.

National Conference License
These ministers are on a track toward eventual ordination, and are expected to pursue the education needed for ordination. They undergo an examination by the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team, and become accountable to the PMLT.

Specialized Ministry License
This license is for persons who specialize in a certain field, and have received education specific to that field. Typically, Specialized ministers serve on a church staff and focus on such roles as youth ministry, music, Christian education, counseling, etc. This license is granted by the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team after an examination process, and is viewed on the same level as a National Conference license. However, Specialized ministers are not expected to pursue ordination.

Provisional License
This license serves as the entry level for both the National Conference/Ordination track and for the Specialized Ministry license. It is also used for persons transitioning from other church groups. It recognizes individuals as ministers until they can meet our specific qualifications.


This is the highest level. Only ordained ministers can be bishop or serve in certain other ways.

Ordained Elder
To be ordained, a person must hold a National Conference license for two years, serve at least one year in a ministry role, and complete certain educational requirements.

Ordained Chaplains
This license recognizes ordained elders who serve as chaplains in hospitals, the military, and other settings.

The Pastoral Ministry Handbook is the responsibility of the the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team. They can make revisions at any time.

The entire Pastoral Ministry Handbook can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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