UB Global Board

This group oversees the work of the UB Global Office (which handles all of the mission-related activities of the US National Conference). This includes policy setting, vision casting for future direction, and accountability for the UB Global staff.

Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace, chairperson of UB Global, is executive director of Christian Horizons Global. He is a licensed UB minister in Canada, and is a member of the Mill Crossing UB church in Cambridge, Ontario.

Todd Fetters

Todd Fetters. As bishop of the US National Conference, Todd Fetters is an ex officio member.

John Hetrick

John Hetrick, a project director with IBM, is a member of the missions team at King Street UB church in Chambersburg, Pa.

Elliott Ripley

Elliott Ripley is youth pastor at West Side Community Church in Monroe, Ind.

Audrey Fetters

Audrey Fetters, a schoolteacher, is a former UB missionary in Macau. She is from College Park UB church in Huntington, Ind.

Ruth Ralph

Ruth Ralph is a pastor’s wife. Her husband, Mark, pastors Mt. Zion UB church in Wayne, Ohio.

Joan LaClair

Joan LaClair is a retired Registered Nurse. She chairs the missions team at Countryside UB church in Breckenridge, Mich.

Derek Thrush

Derek Thrush is senior pastor of Devonshire UB church in Harrisburg, Pa.

Steve Fish

Steve Fish, an ordained UB minister, is Teaching Pastor & Director of Missions at Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Canadian Representatives

Brian Magnus

Brian Magnus is Bishop of the United Brethren Church in Canada. He also pastors the Parkwood Gardens UB church in Guelph, Ontario. He is one of the two appointees by the United Brethren Church in Canada.

Matt Robertshaw

Matthew Robertshaw is the chairperson of Canada’s Global Outreach Leadership Team.

Advisory Members

Frank Y

Frank Y is acting director of UB Global June-December 2020 (more).

David Kline

David Kline has been an associate director of UB Global since 2014 (more).

Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris has been an associate director of UB Global since 2016 (more).

Marci Hammel

Marci Hammel is Finance Director for the US National Conference.

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