US Discipline

Part I: Basic Documents

1. Confession of Faith
2. Constitution

Part II: Standards of the Church

3. Defining Standards
4. Membership Standards
5. Family Standards
6. Social Standards

Part III: The Ministry

7. Ministers

Part IV: Geographic Organization

8. Administrative Divisions

Part V: The Local Church

9.  Organizing New Churches
10. Joining the Church
11. Local Church Organization
12. Duties of Senior Pastors
13. Churches in Crisis
14. Churches that Withdraw

Part VI: The National Church

15. US National Conference
16. The US Bishop
17. Clusters
18. Property

Part VII: Leadership Teams

19. Executive Leadership Team
20. Higher Education Team
21. Pastoral Ministry Team

Part VIII: Church Conflict and Resolution

22. Local Church Conflict Resolution
23. Discipline of Church Members
24. Discipline of Church Bodies

UB Discipline

The entire Discipline can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed on 8.5×11″ paper.

The Discipline can also be read on the UB App.

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