¶521 Description

1. A cluster typically consists of five to ten (ideally not more than seven) United Brethren senior pastors and their congregations.

2. Clusters are the entities to which all local congregations, preaching points, and ministers are primarily accountable.

3. All senior pastors of United Brethren congregations are required to participate in a cluster.

4. The cluster to which the local church is accountable shall be the cluster in which the senior pastor is a member.

5. The bishop is responsible for the formation of clusters and their general oversight.

¶522 Cluster Leaders

The cluster leader will be appointed by and accountable to the US bishop and/or the bishop’s designee. The responsibilities of the cluster leader will include the following:

1. The cluster leader will facilitate the cluster meetings.

2. The cluster leader will support and resource the pastors and churches of the cluster.

3. The cluster leader will act as a liaison between the US Bishop and the pastors and churches involved in the cluster.

4. The cluster leader or the bishop’s designee will serve on the stationing committee for United Brethren churches in the cluster.

¶523 Associations

All local congregations, preaching points, and ministers may also freely form or join with any association(s) of churches or ministries to pursue goals and projects of common interest (such as church planting projects, local initiatives, joint evangelistic activities, camping ministries, etc.).

UB Discipline

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