Distinctives of the United Brethren in Christ

Where We Fit

We are Christian

Among the world’s major religions, we are part of Christianity.

We are Orthodox

Within Christianity, there are groups that hold the traditional, orthodox theological doctrines–and there are cults, which hold some beliefs which are far from orthodox. We are definitely orthodox.

We are Protestant

The orthodox churches can be divided into Catholic and Protestant. We are Protestant.

We are Evangelical

Protestant denominations can be roughly divided into fundamentalist groups on one side, liberal groups on the other, and evangelicals in the middle. We are evangelical. However, some would prefer calling themselves fundamentalist. At this level, the lines begin getting blurry.

We are (Mostly) Arminian

Evangelical churches can be divided into three theological strains, each named after a person: Lutheran, Arminian, and Calvinist. While we are a predominantly Arminian denomination, a number of ministers would consider themselves mostly Calvinist in theology, and a few who have Lutheran leanings. As our Discipline states, “The church’s historic position has been to stand firm on biblical absolutes, allow freedom where the Bible allows freedom, and maintain unity when disagreements arise.”

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