National Office Staff

About a dozen people serve the denomination at the UB National Office in Huntington, Ind.

The National Office and other cooperative ministries exist to come alongside local churches as they build healthy local ministries.

The bishop is in charge of the National Office and is responsible for appointing all staff (except for the Director of Higher Education, who is always the president of Huntington University).

A little over half of the staff are administrative personnel, responsible for a specific area of ministry–Global Ministries, National Ministries, Communications, Finance, Ministerial Licensing, and Church Resources. All of the staff carry a lot of responsibility, and are committed to serving the UB Church.

Use the links on the left, or click on the photos below, to learn a lot more about each person.

Todd Fetters
Bishop, US National Conference

Cathy Reich
Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

Mike Dittman
Director of National Ministries

Marci Hammel
Finance Director

Judy Dyer
Accounting Assistant

Sherilyn Emberton
Director of Higher Education

Frank Y
Acting Director of UB Global

Michelle Harris
Associate Director of UB Global

David Kline
Associate Director of UB Global

Jim Bolich
Director of Ministerial Licensing

Steve Dennie
Communications Director

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