Cluster Groups

All churches are required to be part of a cluster, and senior pastors are required to participate in them. Most clusters are organized on a geographical basis. Here are the various cluster groups, broken down by the four regions.

Below is a tab for each Region, with a list of the cluster and cluster leaders within that region. To find all of the churches in a particular cluster, go to the Church Directory. There, you can search by cluster leader name. You’ll then get the latest list of churches in that cluster.

The clusters are primarily put together on a geographical basis. In most cases, the cluster name is a city which is fairly central or prominent to the churches in that cluster.

East Region

The East Region includes all churches in states east of Ohio (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida).

Greg Helman

Greencastle Cluster (Greencastle, Pa.)
Leader: Greg Helman
Senior pastor of Blue Rock UB church (Waynesboro, Pa.)

Jim Bolich

Chambersburg Cluster (Chambersburg, Pa.)
Leader: Jim Bolich
Senior pastor of Mount Pleasant UB church (Chambersburg, Pa.)

Steve Henry

Franklin Cluster (Franklin, Pa.)
Leader: Steve Henry
Senior pastor of Victory Heights UB church (Franklin, Pa.)

Derek Thrush

Harrisburg Cluster (Harrisburg, Pa.)
Leader: Derek Thrush
Senior pastor of Devonshire UB church (Harrisburg, Pa.)

Shippensburg Cluster (Shippensburg, Pa.)
Leader: Brent Liechty
Senior pastor of Rising Hope UB church (Shippensburg, Pa.)

Dennis Sites

Staunton Cluster (Staunton, Va.)
Leader: Dennis Sites
Senior pastor of Jerusalem Chapel (Churchville, Va.)

Cumberland Cluster (Cumberland, Md.)
Leader: Michael Mudge
Senior pastor of Bethany House of the Lord (Cumberland, Md.)

Dalton Jenkins

International Cluster (New York City)
Leader: Dalton Jenkins
Senior pastor of Bethel Temple of Praise (Yonkers, N.Y.)

Chuck McKeown

Florida Cluster
Leader: Chuck McKeown
Pastor at First UB church (Holly Hill, Fla.).

Central Region

The Central Region includes Ohio and Kentucky.

Central North: Findlay
Leader: Tim Sherman
Senior pastor of Bethel UB church (Elmore, Ohio)

Central North: Montpelier
Leader: Dan VanArsdalen
Senior pastor of Alvordton and Kunkle UB churches

Central North: Cleveland
Leader: Andy Sikora
Lead pastor, Renew Communities (Berea, Ohio)

Central North: Toledo
Leader: Marty Pennington
Senior pastor of Main Street Church (Walbridge, Ohio)

Rick Tawney

Central South: Columbus
Leader: Rick Tawney
Senior pastor, Renew Communities of Columbus (Columbus, Ohio)

Greg Voight

Central South: Southeast
Leader: Greg Voight
Senior pastor, Lancaster UB Church (Lancaster, Ohio)

Central South: Dayton
Leader: William Flamer
Associate pastor of Park Layne UB church (New Carlisle, Ohio)

Central South: Logan
Leader: Doug Stull
Senior pastor of Shepherd of the Valley UB church (Logan, Ohio)

North Region

The North Region covers all of Michigan.

Darrel Bosworth

Grand Rapids Cluster (Grand Rapids, Mich.)
Leader: Darrel Bosworth
Retired pastor (Mulliken, Mich.)

Brooklyn Cluster (Brooklyn, Mich.)
Leader: Mark Wilson
Senior pastor of Fowlerville UB church (Fowlerville, Mich.)

Flint Cluster (Flint, Mich.)
Leader: Jeremiah Ketchum
Senior pastor of Brown Corners UB church (Clare, Mich.)

West Region

The West Region includes Indiana and everything west of Indiana. Because of proximity, two of these clusters include churches in Michigan and Ohio.

Fort Wayne Cluster (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Leader: Kevin Whitacre
Senior pastor of Anchor Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.)

Decatur/Van Wert Cluster (Decatur, Ind.)
Leader: Troy Green
Senior pastor of Westside Community UB church (Monroe, Ind.)
(The previous Van Wert cluster was merged into the Decatur cluster)

Auburn Cluster (Auburn, Ind.)
Leader: Craig Burkholder
Senior pastor of Hudson UB church (Hudson, Ind.)

Huntington Cluster (Huntington, Ind.)
Leader: Greg Reed
Senior pastor of Morning Star church (Kokomo, Ind.)

Midwest Cluster (Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri)
Leader: None at present

Northwest Cluster (Oregon, Washington, Idaho)
Leader: Greg Brownell
Senior pastor of Dayton UB church (Dayton, Wash.)

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