Livestreaming UB Churches

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are stuck at home on Sunday morning. But that gives us the chance to participate in online services from other United Brethren churches. Many people are enjoying doing that–even watching multiple services.

Here are United Brethren churches that do livestreaming (meaning, you can watch the service and listen to the sermon as it’s being delivered). If your church also does livestreaming, please send the information using the form on the right.


Pixley UB church (Pixley, Calif.). Pastor Rod Bittick.
Sermons are recorded and uploaded to Youtube.


First UBIC Daytona Beach (Holly Hill, Fla.). Pastors Chuck and Matt McKeown.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 9:00 am Sunday and 7:00 pm Wednesday.


Anchor Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.). Pastor Kevin Whitacre.
Livestreaming at 10 am Sunday on Anchor’s Facebook page.

College Park Church (Huntington, Ind.). Pastor Jason Carter.
Livestreaming at 10am Sunday on the College Park Facebook page.

Emmanuel Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.). Pastor Dennis Miller.
Check the church’s COVID-19 Response Page for links and info.
Livestreaming at 6 pm Saturday; 9:30, 11am and 5pm Sunday; 7pm Monday

Living Grace Community Church (Fort Wayne, Ind.). Pastor Jason Holliday.
Messages recorded and uploaded to Youtube from the 10am Sunday service.

New Hope UB church (Huntington, Ind.). Pastor Amos Rawley.
Livestreaming on their Facebook page at 9:30 am Sunday.

The Well (Huntington, Ind.). Pastor Josh Kesler.
Livestreaming at 10 am Sunday.

Zanesville UB Church (Zanesville, Ind.). Pastor Tom Datema.
Messages posted on Facebook.


Bethany House of the Lord (Cumberland, Md.). Pastor Michael Mudge.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:15 am Sunday.


Banner of Christ UB church (Byron Center, Mich.). Pastor Teddy Fairchild.
Livestreaming on Youtube at 9:30 am Sunday. They are also offering prayer meetings and Bible studies via Zoom.

Calvary Community Church (Saginaw, Mich.). Pastor Ted Doolittle.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 11:00 Sunday morning.

Colwood UB church (Caro, Mich.). Pastors Randy Carpenter and Kelly Ball.
Livestreaming at 10:45 am on Sunday on the church’s website.

Crossroads UB church (Charlotte, Mich.). Pastor Ricky Hull.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:00 am Sunday.

Fowlerville UB (Fowlerville, Mich.). Pastor Mark Wilson.
Livestreaming at 9:15 am, 10:45 am, and 6:00 pm on Sunday, and on Monday at 7:00 pm. Go here.

Heart O’ the Lakes (Brooklyn, Mich.). Pastor Cyle Young.
Livestreaming at 10:30am on Sunday.

Hillsdale UB Church (Hillsdale, Mich). Pastor Joshua Good.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 7:00 am Sunday.

Kilpatrick UB church (Woodland, Mich.). Pastor Rocky Spear.
Go to their Facebook page for the Youtube link. Service is at 10:00 am Sunday.

Lake View Church (Camden, Mich.). Pastor Steve Smith.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 9:00 am Sunday. Also on FreeOnlineChurch.com and Youtube.

McCallum UB church (Delton, Mich.). Pastor Jerald Jones.
Livestreaming via Zoom at 10:31 am Sunday. Phone in: 312-626-6799. Meeting ID: 255 006 188

Pathway Community Church (Jackson, Mich.). Pastor Todd Frederick.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:30 am Sunday.

New York

Bethel Temple of Praise & First UB of the Bronx (New York City). Pastor Dalton Jenkins.
Livestreaming at the Bethel website at 11:00 am Sunday.


Avlon UB church (Bremen, Ohio.). Pastor Jason Sheets.
Livestreaming on their Facebook page at 10:30 am Sunday.

Bethel UB Church (Elmore, Ohio). Pastor Tim Sherman.
Livestreaming at 9:00 and 10:45 Sunday morning on Bethel Facebook page.

Mainstreet Church (Walbridge, Ohio). Pastor Marty Pennington
Livestream at 10:45 on Sunday. Other info on their Covid-19 Response Page.

Mount Hermon UB Church (Pomeroy, Ohio). Pastor Adam Will.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:30 a.m.

New Horizons UB church (Rockford, Ohio). Pastor Ken Meyer.
Livestreaming at 10am Sunday.

Praise Point UB church (Willshire, Ohio). Pastor Brad Kittle.
Livestreaming at 9:30 am Sunday.

Renew Communities (Berea, Ohio). Pastor Andy Sikora.
Livestreaming on the church website at 10:00 am Sunday.

Shoreline UB Church (Oak Harbor, Ohio). Pastor Bill Blue.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:30 am Sunday.


Blue Rock UB church (Waynesboro, Pa.). Pastor Greg Helman.
Service recordings posted on Facebook, and the audio posted on the church website.

Cochranton Community Church (Cochranton, Pa.). Pastor John Authenreith.
Livestreaming at 9:30 am Sunday on Facebook and on the church website.

Devonshire Church (Harrisburg, Pa.). Pastor Derek Thrush.
Messages recorded on Youtube.

Ebenezer UB church (Greencastle, Pa.). Pastor David Grove.
Livestreaming at 10:20 am Sunday.

First UB (New Castle, Pa.). Pastor Marc Stephenson.
Sunday morning 10:30 am, streamed live on Facebook and Youtube.

Idaville UB church (Gardners, Pa.). Pastor Stuart Johns.
Livestreaming at 10:15 Sunday morning. Recorded sermons here.

King Street Church (Chambersburg, Pa.). Pastor Jody Bowser.
Livestreaming on Sunday morning at 8:00 (traditional), 9:30 (contemporary), and 11:00 (blended). Covid-19 Response Page.

Mount Olivet UB church (Chambersburg, Pa.). Pastor Stan McCammon.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:30 am Sunday.

Mount Pleasant Church (Chambersburg, Pa.). Pastor Jim Bolich.
Livestream at 11am on Sunday.

Pleasant Hill UB church (Greencastle, Pa.). Pastor Douglas Sandman.
Livestreaming at 10:00 am Sunday on Youtube and Facebook. If the Facebook link is used, questions and comments can be shared, and Pastor Sandman will interact with comments if appropriate to the sermon’s context.

Victory Heights UB church (Franklin, Pa.). Pastor Steve Henry.
Livestreaming on their Facebook page at 10:30 am Sunday and 7:00 pm Wednesday.


Jerusalem Chapel (Churchville, Va.). Pastor Dennis Sites.
Audio only available Sundays at 7:00 am.


Dayton UB church (Dayton, Wash.). Pastor Greg Brownell.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 10:45 am Sunday, Pacific time (1:45 EST)

West Virginia

Mill Chapel UB church (Reedsville, W. Va.). Pastor David Kisamore.
Livestreaming on Facebook at 11:00 am Sunday. The Good Friday service is being streamed at that address at 7:00 p.m.

New Hope Community Church (Toronto, Ontario) | Sharon Tam, lead pastor
Services recorded and uploaded to Youtube and the church website.

Ontario, Canada

Roseville UB church (Roseville, Ontario, Canada). Pastor Randy Magnus.
Livestreaming on Youtube at 10:30 am on Sunday.

The Village Church (Stevensville, Ontario). Pastor Dan Desilest.
Livestreaming at 10:30 am Sunday on their Youtube channel.

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