Bishop Candidate Profile

Todd H. Fetters

Todd H. Fetters

Date of Birth: 03/13/1966
Spouse: Lisa (Marxson) Fetters

Educational Background

1. Huntington University
Degree/Year: BA in Bible and Religion / 1989

2. Huntington University Graduate School of Christian Ministries.
Degree/Year: MA in Christian Ministries / 1991

3. Evangelical Seminary
Degree/Year: MA in Religion / 2005

Ministry Experience

  1. Lake View United Brethren in Christ / Associate Pastor, 1988-1989
  2. Lake View United Brethren in Christ / Senior Pastor, 1989-1995
  3. Devonshire United Brethren in Christ / Senior Pastor, 1989-2013
  4. United Brethren in Christ / National Ministries Director, 2013-2015
  5. United Brethren in Christ / Interim Bishop, 2015-Present

Strengthen and Start

A Vision for the United Brethren in Christ Todd H. Fetters | National Conference | 2017

Todd H. Fetters

Since my arrival at our National Office in 2013, I have imagined and prayed that the wind of the Holy Spirit would carry the United Brethren in Christ into a new season of fruitfulness where our churches become stronger and we are successful at starting new ones.

When asked to articulate my vision for the United Brethren in Christ, I offer this statement: To see the United Brethren in Christ successfully strengthen existing churches and start new churches under the superintending power of the Holy Spirit.

United Brethren history interests, informs, and inspires me. I am especially drawn to our Church’s earliest days. Our passion for Jesus was white hot. Our love for Christian brothers and sisters was genuine. We showed exceptional confidence in the Holy Spirit to superintend the spread of our Gospel movement.

A vision of “strong churches,” both existing and new, means that a United Brethren in Christ church embraces three enduring commitments and nurtures three inspiring realities.

Gospel. Through its commitment to the Gospel, a strong church will be spiritually alive in Christ.

Unity. With its commitment to unity, a strong church will be relationally connected to one another.

Mission. By committing itself to mission, a strong church will be missionally engaged in its local community and around the world.

Our history indicates that we are at our best when we commit to these same core values. If our past history is prologue to our future, we will be a movement that is committed to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission, empowered by our total reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I am daily driven to see our denomination as a dynamic, Spirit-driven movement. Souls will be saved. Hearts will come alive. Churches will be planted. Individual lives and families will be transformed. Local neighborhoods and communities will be served. Pastors and missionaries will be called to give their time, influence, and energy to vocational ministry.

During this quadrennium, in addition to communicating regularly with the United Brethren in Christ family, my attention will be given to these five initiatives:

  1. Organize a denomination-wide prayer network.
  2. Facilitate a local church assessment and consultation program.
  3. Recruit and train pastors who can strengthen and start churches.
  4. Continue investing in cluster leaders as catalysts for strengthening and starting churches in their regions.
  5. Appeal to the local churches to identify and invest in our next generation of pastors and missionaries.

Strengthening existing churches and starting new ones is necessary for the United Brethren in Christ. It is a step of obedience to the Lord’s Great Commission. Together, we must become preoccupied with the Lord’s track record and His potential. That’s faith! The Holy Spirit’s accomplishments in church development and multiplication are legendary and lasting, revealing that our Lord knows how to start and build a church that even the gates of Hell cannot defeat.

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