Fresh Start for Church Planters

Are you interested in starting a new church?

We are too. In fact, we’re interested in starting lots of new churches. The question is what kind of churches are we hoping to start?

While there are many great church planting movements in the world, our desire is to be a part of starting churches that are spiritually alive in Christ, relationally connected to one another, and missionally engaged in the world. Obviously, churches of any size, style or strategy can embody these values, but we believe it all starts with a planter who is committed to building disciple-making communities where they live, work, and play.

That’s the heart and soul of the Fresh Start Initiative

If you sense God is calling you to start this kind of movement in your community or that he may want to send you somewhere new to start a church like this, we’d love to talk with you!

Why Partner in This Movement?

There are many amazing groups, networks and movements that you may be considering partnering with as you start a new church in your community. We think finding the right fit for support and partnership is very important. Here are a few reasons you may want to partner with us.

We are “FAMILY” first.

For over 250 years our pastors have truly been united in Christ at a heart level. We have a history of seeking out places where we are united and working together in sharing the Hope of Jesus in many different ways. This family feel is embodied in support, encouragement, care and resourcing among churches, pastors and throughout the denomination.

We have FREEDOM of expression

Our greatest desire is to build disciple making communities in our neighborhoods and among the nations. If we’re truly going to accomplish this task it will require unique and innovative approaches to what it means to be the “church” in that context. While there are many churches within our movement that have decades of history and tradition there is a freedom to organize locally in unique ways to encourage maximum effectiveness for mission and ministry in local churches.

We CARE about the health and heart of a pastor

We believe that the work you do for God should in no way damage the work of God in your life. Unfortunately, far too often it does. We have systems and structures in place to provide community, encouragement, care and coaching for pastors and their wives that will grant them the opportunity to thrive both in their church and in their homes.

We SUPPORT new churches

We all know that new initiatives cost money and we also know that this is the scariest part of planting for most people. We want you to know this movement is here to support you. Of course that includes financial support when possible but it goes further than that. We’ll supply training, coaching and even collaborate with you in all areas of planning including fundraising for the new church.

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