UB Summits

A part of the continuing education of UB ministers, the US National Conference holds a variety of events called “summits.” Here are the ones currently planned.

Pastor Summits. These events are for senior pastors and spouses. We’ll hold four Pastor Summits in 2014, broken down by attendance: two events for pastors of church with an attendance of 0-150 (in Michigan and Pennsylvania), one event for pastors of churches with an attendance of 150-300, and a fourth event for pastors of churches with an attendance over 300.

Youth Workers Summit. This annual event has been running since around 2000. It is for staff and volunteers who work specifically in youth ministry.

Associate Staff Summit. This event, held every two years, is for staffpersons serving in such areas as pastoral care, worship, music, counseling, missions, children’s ministry, assimilation, and other associate-level positions.

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