Worldwide Ministries

UB Global is the international arm of United Brethren churches in the United States and Canada. Through UB Global, we interact with United Brethren churches in nearly 20 countries. UB Global also supports missionaries serving in a number of countries—sometimes as direct employees of UB Global, sometimes with other mission agencies.

Read a brief summary of how our work started in each country.

Churches in Other Countries

From its beginnings in the United States, the United Brethren denomination now has churches in 17 countries. This expansion has occurred in three ways:

1. Missionaries from North America pioneered churches in countries with no United Brethren presence. Most of our original overseas churches started this way.

2. Conferences outside of North America pioneered ministry in countries with no United Brethren presence. For instance, Honduras started the ministry in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and Nicaragua went on to start work in Costa Rica. Hong Kong started the work in Thailand, and partnered with the US to begin churches in Macau.

3. Churches in a country with no UB presence chose to affiliate with the United Brethren denomination. Examples: Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, and Germany.

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Extended information on our 10 national conferences and 7 mission districts.


The first overseas missionaries were sent to Sierra Leone in 1855. Scores of missionaries have served in Sierra Leone over the years. Some have died there.

Today, UB Global supports missionaries in a number of countries.

  • Some serve fulltime with UB Global.
  • Many serve with other mission organizations–Wycliffe, New Tribes, and many others.

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Read all about our overseas missionary staff on the UB Global website.

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