Theological Perspectives

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Theological Perspectives

Edited by Dr. Paul R. Fetters

Theological Perspectives, subtitled “Arminian-Wesleyan Reflections on Theology,” was written by a group of United Brethren ministers as a contribution to the greater evangelical world within the Arminian-Wesleyan persuasion. The 740-page book has a total of 23 chapters divided into six sections.

The book was edited by Dr. Paul R. Fetters, former dean of the Huntington College Graduate School of Christian Ministries.

740 pages, hardback

Table of Contents

Part I: The Value of Studying Theology

1. Recognizing the Value of Studying Theology (Paul R. Fetters, DMin)

Part II: Knowing God Through Revelation

2. The Bible and Scholarship (Chaney R. Bergdall, PhD)
3. Inspiration and the Bible (Kent D. Maxwell, DMin)
4. Revelation: General and Specific (David G. Rawley, MDiv)
5. Interpreting the Bible (Robert L. Simmons, DMin)
6. The Canon (Larry W. Beverly, MDiv)

Part III: Understanding Humanity through Creation

7. The Christian Understanding of God (Leslie L. Lightner, DMin)
8. Cosmology: The God Who Creates (George E. Weaver, MDiv, DD)
9. Theories of Creation (S. Roger Birdsall, DMin, Leslie L. Lightner, DMin)
10. Anthropology: Culmination of God’s Creation (Harold R. Cherry, PhD)
11. Hamartiology: The Nature of Sin (George E. Weaver, MDiv, DD)

Part IV: Obtaining Salvation Through Jesus

12. The Person of Christ (Stephen C. Johnson, MDiv)
13. The Estates of Christ (Kent D. Maxwell, DMin)
14. The Offices of Christ (Brooks L. Fetters, MCM)
15. The Works of Christ (Wilber L. Sites, Jr., DMin)

Part V: Experiencing Sanctification through the Holy Spirit

16. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Howard F. Cherry, DMin)
17. The Holy Spirit Leading to Salvation (Jason C. Hollopeter, MDiv)
18. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation (David G. Rawley, MDiv)
19. The Holy Spirit in Sanctification (Luke S. Fetters, MCM)
20. The Christian Church (Paul R. Fetters, DMin)

Part VI: Hoping for Things Eternal

21. The Second Coming (Stephen C. Johnson, MDiv)
22. Death and the Intermediate State (Steven M. Jenkin, MCM)
23. The Final Consummation (Chaney R. Bergdall, PhD)


A. Apostles’ Creed
B. Nicene Creed
C. Confession of Faith
D. Spirits: Good, Evil, and Satan
E. The Holy Spirit: an Approach to Understanding His Gifts

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