Courses for Ministers

Most courses we require for ministerial licensing can be met at various Christian colleges and seminaries. However, there are a few subjects which we feel are important for ministers, but which are not specifically covered in Christian colleges. So, we offer them separately through the denomination. These courses are held in regional settings, usually on a single day.

Here are some courses we have provided:

UB History Course

A survey of United Brethren history, from the 1700s to the present. Read more.

UB Missions Course

An overview of United Brethren mission work, both past and present.

Staff Management Course

Team development through staffing, whether volunteer or paid. You’ll walk away knowing the importance of delegation, job descriptions, and strategic staffing so that you can be better equipped to manage your role as supervisor.

Leading a Governing Board

Principles for leading any style of board your church may use.

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