Dear NC’21 Workshop Presenter….

Thank you for considering and agreeing to provide a workshop at the upcoming UB National Conference.

Dates: July 14-17.
Location: At the Grand Wayne Center in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne, Ind.

Under the banner of “Make Disciples,” this year’s conference has the potential to underscore the importance of Jesus’ mandate in such a way that our churches and their constituents may never be the same.

This communication is meant to be informational so that your questions will be answered and we will all be “on the same page.” However, should you still have questions, suggestions or comments, we would love to hear them sooner rather than later.

Hybrid Event
While in-person attendees will have access to all events, online participants will have access to live-streaming of the main sessions, and pre-recorded workshop sessions.

Registration. Is now open. You can register here.

Workshops will be presented on Friday morning, July 16. They will be 45 minutes long. We will use up to 15 locations, each at 3 different time slots, with a potential of 45 workshops.

  • Workshop 1. 9:00-9:45 am.
  • Workshop 2. 10:00-10:45 am.
  • Workshop 3. 11:00-11:45 am.

AV Equipment
Will be available in most rooms. If you are requiring access to projector and screen, be sure to indicate on the needs survey below.

Pre-Recorded Option
Each presenter has the option of pre-recording their session so that online participants can access at the same time the in-person session is held. While not required, we really, really, really would love for all presenters to provide this option. If all workshop presenters provide a pre-recorded session, we would be able to give a great benefit to our online attendees. Not only do we suggest using Zoom record, we have the following tips for you:

  • Use an evenly-lit space to record.
  • Use a quiet space to cut down on unnecessary noises and sounds.
  • Silence all devices that could make noise.
  • Sit up straight in front of the camera/computer.
  • Wear a nice, clean shirt with a simple design or no design. Intricate designs are distracting and don’t display well on ZOOM.
  • SMILE and take a deep breath before you begin.
  • Rehearse multiple times before you record.
  • Don’t shuffle papers around during the recording.
  • Make sure you’ve enabled HD for your recording. We need the highest video quality that you can provide us.
  • If you have a microphone that can be easily used in conjunction with the ZOOM recording, use it. People can deal with poor visuals, but can’t stand poor audio quality.
  • Due date: May 1, 2021
  • Send file to:

In Person Session
As of now, we plan to have rooms set up in classroom style, with skinny tables and chairs. The Grand Wayne Center will assist with social distancing if still a requirement. If you have materials to hand out, we can have a table available.

If you are attending the entire conference and staying at a conference hotel, you will have access to the parking garage. If you are attending only for presenting your workshop, we can provide a parking pass for you.

Our registration software will allow us to form “groups” for each workshop. This way, you will have access before and after the conference to communicate with those attending your workshop. You can send handouts, entertain discussion, and answer questions.

Workshop Presenter Survey

Fill out my online form.

Workshop Descriptions

The Power of Presence

Mike Dittman
Disciplemaking churches open their hearts and their homes to love people wherever they live, work, learn, and play. They get involved in the social places of others and invite them into their sacred spaces; from board rooms to living rooms and from bus stops to coffee shops. Learn a simple, yet supernatural process of talking to others and God about the things that really matter. Everyone can do this with anyone, anywhere!

The Pastor As Chief Disciple Maker

Andy Sikora
One of the reasons church’s aren’t making disciples is because their pastor’s aren’t. In this workshop we’ll discuss what it means for the pastor to take on the role of “Chief Disciple Maker” by talking about Jesus’ plan for discipleship, the temptations we face leading an organization that keep us from discipleship and the steps you can take to begin a disciple making movement in your church!

Becoming A Reproducing Church

Andy Sikora
One of the basic laws that God built into creation is that healthy organisms reproduce. It’s true of humans, animals, vegetation and it should be true for the church too! Did you know that 80% of American churches are either plateaued or declining? Did you know that less than 6% of American churches are reproducing or multiplying? In this workshop, we will discuss 5 levels of church, from declining to multiplying, uncover key obstacles most churches are facing as they work to become a reproducing church, and help you identify what steps your church might need to take this year to move forward in God’s plan to reproduce new disciples, pastors, and even new churches!

Engaging Your Church in Missions w/Jeannie Marie

UB Global Team
Jeannie Marie’s book Across the Street and Around the World continues to encourage the North American church in sparking a mission vision. Come and hear from Jeannie and walk away with exciting ideas and strategies for engaging your church in walking with God in his mission.

Sending them Out Well

Michelle Harris
Have you wondered about more effectively sending out your missionaries? UB Global is now sending missionaries through a Missionary Support Team (MST) model where a team comes together to send, support while on the field, and welcome back missionaries. Come to hear about an active team and how they have been an effective part of sending out the McCammon family to Sierra Leone. Walk away with ways to form MSTs around your missionaries.

Excellent Church Missions Curriculum: Kairos

Kairos Staff
Looking for a way to train your congregation in missions and apply it to their lives? For several decades, the Kairos course has been impacting hundreds of thousands of Christians on six continents. Large, medium, and small church representatives from the UB have taken Kairos. Come find out how you and your church can be blessed through Kairos.

Lessons from Redemption House

Tomi Cardin
Over the past 10 years, Redemption House has helped dozens of women transition out of incarceration while partnering with churches. Along the way, they have learned many lessons about building disciples among people with terrible addictions and dysfunctions, and about how churches and volunteers can best work with local ministries. Glean from their best practices and apply them to your local contexts.

Stories of Discipleship

David Kline
Sometimes hearing stories can have far greater impact than a class or seminar. Come to this workshop to hear stories of how both our missionary staff and UBs in North America are reaching out practicing faith and obedience to Jesus in their unique settings. Walk away with ideas for reaching your neighborhoods and nations.

The Art of Leading a Great Discipleship Conversation

Curtis Carnes
How do you act when you are in the midst of a discipleship conversation with a person in front of you? This workshop will give you over a dozen tips about how you can train others to lead a relational, question driven discipleship conversation. It is strongly encouraged that you attend “Moving from Curriculum Centered Discipleship to Spirit Led, Obedience Driven Discipleship” prior to this workshop.

The Importance of His Word in Making Disciples

Dennis Miller
There has long been a debate as to whether a newer believer is taught Christian lifestyle first or Bible first. Or whether that new Christian begins ministry and learns what he/she needs to know or begins with the learning process. There is not one answer for every person, but learning the Scriptures is never wrong. When the Word is effectively taught, it will produce life change and the training to become a purposeful disciple. In this workshop, we will discuss the value of the Scriptures in true discipleship and why it cannot be overlooked. A fully-devoted disciple is one who balances Godly Walk with God’s Word.

Worship Discipleship: Becoming What God Is Seeing

Jay LeBlanc & Sam Ward

Kingdom Representation in Intentional Discipleship

Sherilyn Emberton
As we enter a new era of church and parachurch leadership, the need to ensure that mentorship and discipleship must include programs and initiatives that represent a Kingdom-based approach.  Oftentimes, materials and approaches can fail to include examples and outreach to underrepresented groups such as women, people of color and emerging adults. People can fail to grasp where they fit in to service opportunities and personal spiritual growth which causes them to not see themselves are moving deeper into the work of the congregation. This session will focus on addressing these opportunities and new strategies for growing the lives of the people you serve with.

Sharing God’s Story

Roger Vezeau & Brian Biedenbach
We all know how difficult and intimidating sharing your faith can be. You want to be able to share about the hope, love, and forgiveness you experience through Jesus with the people around you, but you’re just not sure what to say or how to say it. You know Jesus has called you to love others and talk about your faith, but it can seem awkward and risky.

What if there was a simpler way to share your faith that was more about Stories than Steps; Questions more than Answers; Honesty more than Perfection; Them more than You; and Love more than Knowledge?

For more than 75 years, Youth For Christ has been equipping others to share their faith with young people, and we believe relationships have the greatest impact on someone becoming a lifelong follower of Jesus. Through 3Story training you will learn what it takes to naturally share your faith in the context of your everyday relationships. Sharing your faith doesn’t have to feel so awkward. Make conversations about Jesus a natural and intentional part of your everyday life.”

Stories of UB People Amidst the Civil War

Steve Dennie
Here fascinating stories about UB people during the Civil War years–Medal of Honor winners, ministers in uniform, families with up to seven sons in uniform, officers in black regiments, surviving the Civil War but dying with Custer, POWs at Andersonville, and vets who went on to impressive accomplishments. In his new book about the Civil War, Steve compiled the stories of over 2000 UB men who served in the Union Army…and a few in the Confederate army. He’ll share some of his personal favorite stories.

Raising Disciples in Your Own Home

Christy Cabe
Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations does not exclude those who live under our own roofs. In fact, we can impact the world by discipling those who sit around our dinner tables and ride in our minivans. But how? This session will focus on practical ideas and tools for raising disciples in our own homes. We will discuss methods for teaching our children what the Bible says, and ways to help them apply it to their daily lives.

Discipleship: Sharing our Story and Interacting over His (For Pastor Spouses only)

Pam Dittman
Let’s create a safe environment to share our stories and allow God’s most powerful story to draw us together. It’s been a crazy year with a lot to unpack about our understanding of who He is in our life, ministry, family, and life in general. This is the most simple and powerful form of discipleship that Jesus models and one that can be done simply and comfortably in any setting. Let’s gather to pursue the hearts of those we are with and pray together as we hear each other’s journeys.

Defending Your Church from Cyber Security Threats

Christopher Harvey, CPCU
Assistant Vice President – Network Architecture and CISO
Brortherhood Mutual

Data security breaches are constantly in the news, but the threat of phishing scams and ransomware attacks aren’t limited to large companies. In fact, ministries are increasingly under attack by savvy cyber criminals. That’s why it’s crucial for church executives to understand ministry-specific cybersecurity risks and how to proactively defend their digital assets and information. This presentation will equip you with the tools and knowledge to protect your ministry against cyber threats and to evaluate your cybersecurity defenses.

Religious Freedom in a Time of Change

Kyle Johnson, JD, CPCU
Senior Corporate Attorney – Legal Department
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Anyone who turns on the news, opens a magazine, or browses the Web can see that society is changing rapidly. There is a concern that this societal shift will place churches and ministries in the cross hairs of negative publicity, governmental scrutiny, and litigation. In addition to everything going on, the Supreme Court issued a number of decisions recently that impact religious freedom. Join Kyle Johnson as he discusses those recent Supreme Court cases and their impact on a ministry’s ability to stand by its sincerely held beliefs.

In this session:

  • Discover how to navigate the current landscape of faith-based employment. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of recent Supreme Court decisions, Title VII’s impact on religious hiring practices, and how the ministerial exception may or may not apply to certain employees.
  • Learn about the recent legal changes regarding religious institutions’ eligibility for certain tax and other public benefits.
  • Acquire knowledge on some practical steps your ministry can take to protect the use of its facilities for only those activities that align with the ministry’s beliefs and mission.

Protecting the Flock

Kyle Johnson, JD, CPCU
Senior Corporate Attorney – Legal Department
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

As the issues that plague the world make their way into churches, more and more ministry leaders are taking steps to protect their people, property, and ministries. This session will offer legal perspective and practical, ministry-focused solutions for addressing various issues ministries face today. Join Kyle Johnson and Austin Krouse as they discuss abuse prevention, sex offender risk management, handling disruptive individuals, and other safety and security issues.

Discipling Women and Teen Girls

Sara Ward

We know we’re supposed to be discipling other women, but how can we do this in our everyday lives? How can we invest in others when our schedules are full or we’re unsure what discipleship should look like?

In this workshop, you’ll learn obstacles holding women back from discipleship and the tools you can use to help women learn to love God’s word and live it out in their everyday lives.

We’ll cover:

  • What discipleship is and the unique aspects we bring to it as women
  • How we can learn to study the Bible on our own or with a group
  • How we can encourage discipleship among the next generation of women
  • Practical tools to weave discipleship into your life

The UB Confession of Faith

Bob Bruce


Dr. Tony Blair


Arthur Wilson & Chynna Presley

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