Rules and Procedures

For the 2017 US National Conference


1. A quorum consists of a majority of the National Conference members.

2. The printed program is the official schedule of this National Conference, subject to necessary changes.

3. The bar includes the platform and the designated areas of seating.

4. Members must be within the bar to speak or vote.


5. Todd Fetters shall chair all sessions, but may turn the chair over to a designated person if desired.

6. Gary Dilley shall serve as assistant chairperson of the conference.

7. Roxton Spear shall serve as secretary of the conference to record the proceedings.

8. Craig Burkholder shall serve as parliamentarian of the conference.

Conduct on the Floor

9. Members wishing to speak must stand up to be recognized. The chairperson will recognize the person who stood first.

10. In assigning the floor to members, the chairperson will ask delegates to state their name and the church which that person represents.

11. Upon being recognized, members must proceed to a microphone. Members are not permitted to simply speak from their seats.

12. Members shall not be interrupted while they are speaking, except by the chairperson. The chairperson may interrupt a person for such things as departing from the question, using inappropriate references to people, or using disrespectful language.

13. Members cannot speak longer than three minutes at a time.

14. Members cannot address the same question more than twice without the consent of the conference.

15. Members cannot address an issue for the second time until all other members wishing to speak to the issue have had their chance.

Committees and Reports

16. Reports will be available for download on the conference website (

17. The chairperson will determine the order in which any Discipline revision proposals are considered.

18. The chairperson will determine the order in which reports are presented.

19. The chairperson may refer conference work to committees.

20. Written motions, reports, and other papers, after the first reading, and all communications to the conference, shall be passed to the secretary.

21. The conference secretary will present the minutes to the fall 2017 meeting of the Executive Leadership Team for final approval.

Nominations and Elections

22. The Nominating Committee will nominate at least twice the number of persons required for all positions.

23. The Nominating Committee may move to suspend the preceding rule as it sees fit, subject to a simple majority vote of the conference.

24. When a Bishop is to be elected, the Bishop will be elected by ballot. The practice of casting a unanimous ballot will not be used.

25. A simple majority is needed to elect the Bishop. If nobody receives a simple majority on the first ballot, the person receiving the lowest number of votes will be dropped from the ballot, and delegates will vote again. This procedure will be followed until a person is elected.

26. Members of the Executive Leadership Team will be elected by ballot. A plurality is needed to elect persons. When there is a tie, another vote will be taken between those who tied.

27. With each election, the chairperson will appoint tellers to receive and count the ballots.

28. A count of all votes cast shall be read to the conference.

Parliamentary Issues

29. The person who makes a motion may withdraw it before the motion has been amended or voted upon.

30. After a motion or resolution has been voted upon, members who vote with the prevailing side may move to reconsider the vote.

31. Members may call for a hand vote on any motion.

32. In all matters not covered by these rules or the Discipline, Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed.

33. A two-thirds vote of the members present is needed to change or suspend these rules.

34. Any Constitutional referenda items need a two-thirds vote of approval.

Courtesies of the Conference

35. Delegates and ministers from churches that have not submitted their 2016 annual report to the Bishop’s office shall be allowed advisory status and a seat within the bar, but without vote.

36. Delegates and ministers from churches that do not have a signed National Church Covenant on file with the National Office shall be allowed advisory status and a seat within the bar, but without vote.

37. These persons are granted the courtesies of the conference, an advisory relationship, and a seat within the bar:

a. Any former general officials who are not serving as voting delegates.

b. Any members of the Executive Leadership Team who are not serving as voting delegates.

c. Ministers holding a local church license, and who are employed by a local United Brethren church.

38. Any interpreters are granted the courtesies of the conference and a seat within the bar.

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