2001-2005 Executive Leadership Team

Elected Officials

Paul Hirschy
Bishop of the US National Conference

Gary Dilley
Director of Global Ministries

G. Blair Dowden
Director of Education

Elected Ministers

Pat Jones
Senior pastor
King Street Church
Chambersburg, Pa.

Dennis Miller
Senior pastor
Emmanuel Community Church
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Brent Birdsall
Senior pastor
College Park Church
Huntington, Ind.

Elected Laypersons

Dave Rahn
Huntington University professor
Good Shepherd UB
Huntington, Ind.

Dan Paternoster
Fowlerville UB
Fowlerville, Mich.

Russ Baker
College administrator
Anchor Community Church
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Paul Michelson
Huntington University Professor
College Park Church
Huntington, Ind.

Advisory Members

Steve Dennie
Director of Communications

Marci Hammel
Director of Finance

Donna Hollopeter
Associate Director of Global Ministries

View the chapter in the Discipline about the Executive Leadership Team.

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