Specialized Ministers

This license is for persons who specialize in a certain field, and have received education specific to that field. Examples: youth ministry, children’s ministry, music ministry, pastoral care, etc.

As a Specialized Minister, you typically serve on staff with a United Brethren church, but not as senior pastor. Instead, you probably oversee a specific area—music, youth, Christian education, etc.

This license doesn’t apply to support positions, such as secretaries and custodians.

The Specialized Ministry license is on the same level as the National Conference license. The difference is that the National Conference license is a step toward ordination, whereas the Specialized Ministry license is the final step. You are not ordained, and are not expected to pursue ordination.

The license is granted by the denominational Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team, after a thorough examination and recommendation of the Ministerial Licensing and Ordination Team.


  • Must be recommended for this license by their local church.
  • Must go through an examination process with the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team–answering questions, soliciting reference letters, and submitting educational transcripts.
  • Must have 30 semester hours of college-level work in their field of specialization, including 12 hours in Bible.
  • Must take the United Brethren history course.
  • Must have served at least 12 months on a professional basis in their field of specialization in a UB church.
  • Must report annually to the bishop.

Read more about the Specialized Ministry license in the Pastoral Ministry Handbook.

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