Ordained Ministers

Our highest classification of ministers is Ordained Elder. Their call was previously confirmed by the local church and the national conference. Now they have completed all of these additional requirements:

  • Held a national conference license for at least two years.
  • Served at least one year in a ministry position (usually as a pastor or associate).
  • Taken an additional 14 core courses.
  • One year of service.
  • Gone through an examination by the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team.

With a positive recommendation from the Ministerial Licensing and Ordination Team, the Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team may grant ordination status. Then a service is scheduled to publicly confer ordination.

Getting ordained is a big deal. Typically, the bishop performs the ordination service. He is assisted by two ordained ministers chosen by the licentiate—persons who have had a meaningful role in his/her life. As the licentiate and (if married) spouse kneel on the platform, the bishop and others lay hands on the couple and pray for them.

As professionals, Ordained Elders must complete two Continuing Education Units each year and read four ministry-related books.

Ordained Chaplains

We also offer a license for Ordained Chaplains. This license recognizes persons serving as professional chaplains in the military, hospitals, and other settings.

Read more about Ordained Elders and Ordained Chaplains in the Pastoral Ministry Handbook.

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