Lay Ministers

The lay minister license is granted by a local church to affirm a person’s call to ministry in the local church. They intend to use the gifts God has given them to perform specific acts of ministry and leadership in the local churches where they are members, under the guidance and direction of the senior pastor.

This license is used for those who are recognized volunteer or paid staff in a local church. Persons holding this license are not assumed to be pursuing status as a specialized minister, national conference minister, or ordained elder.

Lay ministry licenses are granted by the church. No denominational approval is needed, and there is no denominational oversight.

What can you do that a regular layperson can’t do? Not much. But a few things set a Lay Minister apart, such as the ability to pastor a church while that church looks for a regular pastor (with authority to conduct weddings, funerals and baptisms, and serve communion).

The educational requirement is simple: read and report on 16 books from an approved list.

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