Lay Ministers

This license recognizes committed laypersons who want to continue serving God as a layperson.It is for people who aren’t seeking professional employment as clergy, but merely want to use their gifts to serve within their church. The Lay Minister’s license gives some official status, with accountability and basic requirements. And it’s a calling–you, as a layperson, feel called by God to take on this role and its responsibilities.

Lay ministry licenses are granted by the church. No denominational approval is needed, and there is no denominational oversight.

What can you do that a regular layperson can’t do? Not much. But a few things set a Lay Minister apart, such as the ability to pastor a church while that church looks for a regular pastor (with authority to conduct weddings, funerals and baptisms, and serve communion).

The educational requirement is simple: read and report on 16 books from an approved list.

Read more about Lay Ministers in the Pastoral Ministry Handbook.

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